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SharePoint Based Multiple Solutions

A global business-process company that contracts with other companies to handle operations, technology and other business services needed to update their communication and collaboration technologies to accommodate their 74 delivery centers spread across 20 countries for their 60,500 professional employees that use more than 30 different languages.


Due to the growing size and scope of their services, it was not easy for employees to access the information they needed and difficult to collaborate with each other. Their Intranet-based Proflow System was not working and presented fragmented information that was difficult to access. The solution had to integrate with their existing system, allow for secure Intranet-based admission, and be accessible through mobile devices.


AllianceTek developed a communication, collaboration, and Content Management Solution Based on SharePoint that extends key features of the Proflow application. It makes it easier to access information securely online, basing access on end-user control rights through iOS devices and a web portal. Furthermore, this solution would enhance collaboration among the company’s disparate locations.


The solution AllianceTek delivered added new features, such as dashboard management, searchability, various views and listed work orders that can be edited as seen fit. The solution also made documents and videos accessible through the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) portal. The new web portal also has a master link management system that gives users the ability to access and edit master lists; a report management system for managing information, and business intelligence reporting; document management through a central repository; and announcement management through automated push-notifications.


As a result of AllianceTek’s comprehensive solution, our client’s employees now have the ability to access confidential Intranet-based information securely through mobile devices and the web portal. The system enhances the speed of operations and reliability, giving users improved collaboration and efficiency by uniting their various global locations.

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