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Committee Website for News and Activity Management

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Committee Website for News and Activity Management
Committee Website for News and Activity Management
Committee Website for News and Activity Management
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A SharePoint web platform to share news and activities conducted by the committee with dynamic content management system.

Why AllianceTek?

  • ANDI, the National Business Association of Colombia, formed a new committee to synergize and strengthen communication with their local governments as well as with their national leadership, allowing businesses to actively take part in committee hearings and material.
  • What ANDI needed was a common platform to share committee activities and news publicly, as well as to manage content and coordinate teams and activities.
  • AllianceTek created a SharePoint CMS website for ANDI that features all the functionalities they required to make their goals a reality.
  • Using SharePoint 2013’s functionality to convert HTML into Master Pages, AllianceTek helped ANDI explore SharePoint’s multifaceted, out-of-the-box design template capabilities.
  • We made use of SharePoint’s default list function to store key data in an organized and easily accessible location that can be exported to Excel and PDF.
  • A customized commenting feature allows users to comment on activity and collaborate in real time.
  • An activity management function allows teams of any size to participate in committee activities, leading to improved business insights and concrete advancement.
  • Default alerts and automated custom alerts provide users and admins with the ability to ensure that tasks and assignments are stayed on top of.

Benefits to Our Client:

  • With their new CMS-based website in place, ANDI can now publish committee news and activities directly and instantaneously to their site.
  • The presence of the committee website resulted in increased user registration.
  • The system successfully leveraged communication and collaboration within the committee to achieve faster and better outcomes.
  • The website enabled the client to change and adapt content immediately and independently in response to new requirements.
  • The streamlined and intuitive SharePoint Workflow allows the coordination of common business processes, utilizing document sharing, mobile and online collaboration, and alerts that can be designated to specific users or teams.
  • When AllianceTek synthesizes SharePoint’s ready-to-use modules with our innovative customizations in accordance with our client’s requests, the result is a rapid and cost-efficient solution.

Technology Features:

SharePoint, SharePoint CMS, SharePoint Solution, SharePoint Workflows, SharePoint Alerts, SharePoint 2013
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AllianceTek is a pleasure to work with. They are very good at following instructions, and consistently build products to spec. They are quick with milestone deliveries and attentive to details. We will continue to work with their company and team on many more projects.

- Nicholas Catania
(Co-Founder & President)
Clifton, NJ

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