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Business Intelligence Portal on SharePoint

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Business Intelligence Portal on SharePoint
Business Intelligence Portal on SharePoint
Business Intelligence Portal on SharePoint
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A SharePoint-based business intelligence portal was created with capabilities that used a red flag system to track and resolve issues pertaining to key elements of production like machine status, raw materials, resources, tools and tracking information.

Why AllianceTek?

  • AllianceTek, being a technology partner, worked closely with the client to understand the entire production process and analyzed the problem areas.
  • A new Business Intelligence Portal was designed to resolve issues persistent in existing fragile production system.
  • The new SharePoint based business intelligence portal had the capability to surface and resolve issues before they disrupt production.
  • The system focused on tracking key production elements like – raw material, machine status, resources, tools and most important information.
  • The client has gained robust business intelligence with the implementation of dashboard interface.
  • The client achieved higher business intelligence to make better and informed business decisions with the help of automated reports on machine lifecycles and resources.
  • AllianceTek leveraged technology and built workflows to streamline the production process which was previously the cause of missed deadlines and severe loss of revenue.

Technology Features:

SharePoint, Business Intelligence
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I was very green to a lot of the procedures to releasing an app. They really educated me on the subject matter and provided valuable insight into the design and collaborative process. Will definitely use them again and would recommend to anyone looking to create an app.

- Ricardo Banda (Owner)
Vanin Electric
Houston, TX

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