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Mobile Integrated SharePoint Project Management Portal

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Mobile Integrated SharePoint Project Management Portal
Mobile Integrated SharePoint Project Management Portal
Mobile Integrated SharePoint Project Management Portal
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Project Management System developed from SharePoint Solution for telecommunications company to extend to mobile devices for on-site technicians and increase overall usability and simplicity.

Why AllianceTek?

  • AllianceTek has reputation for end-to-end SharePoint solutions that provide fluid and efficient communication, collaboration, and content management.
  • On-site technicians within the system could report back and remain updated with current information by accessing the system.
  • Created project-wise task assignment feature for simplifying task management and scheduling feature to allow multiple checklists.
  • Imported external data and established BCS connection between SQL and SharePoint external to import data.
  • Developed a mobile app that integrates with SharePoint. App is used by on-site technicians to take pictures of problem site, update task checklists, and work status.

Benefits to Our Client:

  • Enabled effective segregation of information as desired with custom reporting and search filtering facilities.
  • Simplified project management and task assignment with scheduling and task features.
  • Project Management System decreased gaps and delays in work.
  • Re-usable elements were integrated in the solution that decreased costs with faster development.

Technology Features:

SharePoint solution, BCS connection, SQL, custom SharePoint solution, Project management system
Case Study

A wireless telecommunications company that provides engineering, construction, fulfillment and project management to the industry was in search of a partner to enhance their existing SharePoint based project management system...

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AllianceTek was great -- I'm not a software developer, so a lot of times they had to translate our desired functionality into SF-speak, but they did it quite well. The support was extraordinary, and they took pains to make sure that our product worked well. Very thankful to them and our client representative.

- Will Brown (Multimedia Director)
JBI Studios
Canoga Park, CA

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